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Over 40% cheaper than Boots, Snappy Snaps & Timpsons!

After carrying out research on local conversion pricing, we discovered that we are at least 40% cheaper than Boots, Snappy Snaps, and Timpsons for VHS to DVD, cine films to DVD, and slides to DVD conversions! And in some cases, we are 65% cheaper!

A 2-hour VHS or camcorder tape converted to DVD with Media Transfer costs just £13.95. The same conversion in Snappy Snaps and Timpsons costs a pricey £25.00, while in Boots it’ll set you back an eye-watering £29.99!

Media TransferBootsSnappy SnapsTimpsons
3-hour VHS tape to DVD£13.95£29.99£30.00£25.00
2 x 1 hour VHS tapes to DVD£20.80£39.98£50.00£44.00
1-hour Hi8 tape to USB£13.45£39.98N/A£45.00
200-ft cine film to DVD£24.95£49.98£45.00£54.00
100 slides to DVD£35.00£60.00N/AN/A
Additional copies of transfers£5.00£19.99£10.00£6.00/£7.00
Price comparisons calculated on November 8th, 2018. Click here for full PDF comparison.

The huge price differences apply across a range of our services, including cine films (50% cheaper!), 35mm slides (40% cheaper!), and Hi8 tapes (65% cheaper!). These don’t even take into account our huge discounts for bulk orders (5%-25% off).

The best bit is that despite our conversions costing half the price in most cases, you aren’t sacrificing quality with Media Transfer. That’s because we’re confident we offer the best-quality conversions around, provide unbeatable customer service, AND demonstrate an unrivalled personal touch when it comes to bespoke job instructions / requests.