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Building works

Due to building works we are closed for the day on Tuesday 26th September. We reopen again at...
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It’s a boy!

We are very happy to announce, that despite being hospitalised back in May after falling seriously ill returning...
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Closed for staff holidays

Due to staff holidays, we are closed from Tuesday 29th August until Thursday 31st August. We are picking...
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VHS tape, MP4 file, and DVD.

DVD or MP4 (USB)?

Whether DVD or MP4 is better depends on your specific needs and the devices you plan to use...
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Mouldy VHS tape

How do I prevent mould on my VHS tapes?

VHS tapes are susceptible to mould growth if they are not stored properly. Here are some tips for...
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Media Transfer online shop

Used and refurbished equipment shop now open!

Are you looking for a spare part for a camcorder or projector? Are you looking for an old...
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composite, component, and sdi-cables

Composite vs Component vs SDI Cables – What’s best?

Composite, component and SDI cables – What’s the difference and what cable should you use when transferring videos?...
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Why should I use professional decks to playback tapes?

Playing back a tape on a professional deck compared to playing back in a camcorder can offer several...
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