LP Vinyl to CD or MP3

We transfer your LPs / Vinyls to CD, MP3 or USB

LPs / Vinyl to CD
We digitally convert and restore your LPs (33s / 45s / 78s), then transfer them to CD. If your vinyls are mould damaged, we can clean them FREE of charge.

Please let us know if you would prefer an MP3 conversion – there is no extra charge for this. Also, if your vinyl is under 5 minutes in length, then we only charge £5.00 for the conversion!

Placing an order
To place an order, visit our Gravesend office, drop your tapes in to one of our drop-off points (MaidstoneTonbridgeAshford, Folkestone, or Ramsgate), or post your tapes to Media Transfer, The Maltings, 56 Bath Street, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0DF. Return postage is FREE if you only require the CDs or USB returned. Otherwise, see our list of return postage costs here.

If you have 10+ LPs and live in the DA, ME, Kent TN, BR, and some RH postcode areas, we now offer free personal collection AND delivery of your LPs. Just give us a call on 01474 569 390 to arrange a collection.

Please call us on 01474 569 390 if you require more information on any of our services.

LP vinyl


A phonograph record (also known as a ‘gramophone record’) is an analogue sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. The groove usually starts near the outer edge and ends near the centre of the disc. The phonograph disc record was the primary medium used for music reproduction until late in the 20th century.


LP to CD prices

1 Side
£ 10.95 per LP
 Includes CD and case
 FREE vinyl cleaning
  Quantity discounts (5 - 15% off)
 Up to 7 days turnaround
 FREE return postage*
2 sides
£ 13.95 per LP
 Includes CD and case
 FREE vinyl cleaning
  Quantity discounts (5 - 15% off)
 Up to 7 days turnaround
 FREE return postage*
Quantity discounts
If you have 2+ LPs, then we will give the following discounts on the total price of your order...
 2-4 LPs - 5% OFF
 5-9 LPs - 10% OFF
 10+ LPs - 15% OFF
 For larger quantities, please call
 Scroll down for an instant quote
*Free return postage excludes return of original LPs. If you require original LPs, then return postage is £4.95 for 1-4 LPs, £10.95 for 5-9 LPs, or free for 10+ LPs.

Instant quote

Use the sliders to choose your quantity of LPs for an instant quote


Our service

1. Safe Storage
We store your LPs securely at our premises at all times.
2. Quality Transfers
We use the latest technology to get the best-quality results from your LPs.
3. On site transfers
Your LPs NEVER leave our studio - we carry out all transfers on site.
4. Repairs
We can repair most LPs at no cost, including mould.
5. Secure collection and delivery
We offer FREE collection and delivery of 10+ LPs within the DA, ME, BR, Kent TN, and some RH postcode areas.
6. Payment
We offer payment by debit/credit card, cheque, cash, and bank transfer.

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