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MiniDVD Data Recovery
If you’ve come across MiniDVDs that appear to be blank, then do not instantly throw them away! Chances are you’ve simply not finalised the MiniDVD prior to removing it from your MiniDVD camcorder.

If you’ve since thrown the camera away, then we can recover the files for you. It’s incorporated into our transfer prices and costs just £10.95 per MiniDVD (this includes transfer to DVD or MP4 files).

Please call us on 01474 569 390 if you require more information on any of our services.

Top tips to prevent data loss:

  1. If you don’t intend to add any more footage to your DVD, then make sure you finalise it. This ‘closes’ the disc so it can be read by computers and other players.
  2. Always keep MiniDVDs stored in their cases. Even the smallest scratches can result in data loss.
  3. When handling MiniDVDs, make sure you don’t touch the shiny surface – this is where the data is stored. Touching can result in oils from your fingers penetrating the disc or small scratches occurring.

Our service

1. Safe Storage
We store your tapes securely at our premises at all times.
2. Quality Transfers
We use the latest technology to get the best-quality results from your tapes.
3. On site transfers
Your tapes NEVER leave our studio - we carry out all transfers on site.
4. Repairs
We can repair most tapes at no cost, including tape breaks and mould.
5. Secure collection and delivery
We offer FREE collection and delivery of 10+ tapes within the DA, ME, BR, Kent TN, and some RH postcode areas.
6. Payment
We offer payment by debit/credit card, cheque, cash, and bank transfer.

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