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Now Open Sign
Our office is now open for drop-offs and collections but please call ahead of your visit as we are short
Sony Hi8 video camera
Our camera trade in offer is back on! If you have equipment on the list below then you can trade-in...
If you're over 60, and live within Gravesham, Medway, or Maidstone, then we are happy to drop your transfers back
Scanned frame of film
While filming an old film is sometimes cheaper, it's also produces extremely inferior results, and risks major damage to your
Undeveloped 35mm film roll
We have partnered with a Kent based photography studio to develop your undeveloped film rolls...
This year our deadlines for receiving your orders to get transferred in time for Christmas will be...
Our new Super 8mm audio capturing upgrades, allowing us to supply frame accurate audio capture...
Hawkinge Folkestone Drop off
We have just opened our 6th drop-off point - Hawkinge Convenience Store near Folkestone....
Happy Easter
We are closing at 5.00pm this evening and will reopen again on Tuesday 23rd April (St Georges Day) at 8.45am...
8mm film scanning
We've invested in a major upgrade of our film transfer equipment. We can now perform full 2K resolution film scanning...
This year we have picked two charities, Ellenor and the Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey & Sussex, to receive your spare change.
The Boots Snappy Snaps Rip Off
We discovered that we are at least 40% cheaper (in some cases 65%!) than Boots and Snappy Snaps for VHS
Sony Hi8 video camera
Do you have an un-used camcorder gathering dust? We may be able to offer you a payment for it, or
Christmas Orders
Christmas is one of our busiest periods, with customers bringing in large quantities of tapes for Christmas gifts. Our turnaround
Digital Betacam
We have just added another 3 formats to our growing list of conversion services; Betacam to DVD, Betacam SP to DVD, Digital Betacam