Have your tapes been in the cupboard for years and you don’t have any way of checking their contents? Found a stash of cine films in the attic without any descriptions on them?

We know that people don’t always label their media correctly, so if you pop to our Gravesend office, we’ll happily run your tapes, reels, and slides through one of our machines in our comfortable studio to check the contents before transferring them. We won’t play back the whole video, for instance, but we’ll happily review the first couple of minutes of footage to make sure the contents are as expected.

Got a lot of tapes, reels, and slides that need converting? We may even make you a cuppa!

If you can’t get to our studio, we’ll happily send you freeze frames of your videos, for example, for your approval before transferring them. Furthermore, we’ll always tell you if someone has recorded over your family video with a football match or film before we go ahead with the conversion!