Tape to USB Transfer Service

We transfer your VHS and camcorder tapes to USB

USB memory stick

Tape to USB
Future-proof your transfers and convert your home videos to a USB drive. We capture your tapes in the highest possible quality (RAW) format and then convert them to MP4 files which are playable in nearly any modern SmartTV.

Every hour of video is approx 1-1.5GB in file size, so you can fit up to over 100 home videos on a 256GB USB drive.

You are welcome to supply your own USB stick for us to use, or we can supply one:

16GB USB – £9.99
32GB USB – £14.99
64GB USB – £22.99

All USB drives we supply are USB 3.0 drives.

If you require a DVD copy as well as a USB copy of your transfers, then we charge an extra £5.00 per DVD.

Our conversion prices are available at the bottom of each service page – Select ‘Transfer Services’ from the menu at the top of the screen, and then select your format of tape.

Please call us on 01474 569 390 if you require more information on any of our services.

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