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Why should I use professional decks to playback tapes?

Playing back a tape on a professional deck compared to playing back in a camcorder can offer several benefits:

  1. Better picture quality: A professional deck typically has better image processing capabilities than a consumer camcorder, which can result in a higher quality video output.
  2. More accurate colour reproduction: Professional decks are calibrated for accurate colour reproduction, which can help preserve the integrity of the original video footage.
  3. Audio playback: Professional decks have audio inputs and outputs which can be used for audio editing and to monitor audio levels. A camcorder can only playback audio and rarely have the ability to monitor audio levels.
  4. Time base correction: Professional decks have time base correction (TBC) which corrects any errors in the timing of the video signal. This can help eliminate jitter and other artifacts that can occur during playback.
  5. Durability: Professional decks are built with professional-grade components which are more durable than those found in consumer camcorders.
  6. Flexibility: Professional decks allow you to play back your tapes in different formats, like PAL or NTSC, which can be useful if you’re working on a project that will be broadcast or screened in different regions.

In summary, a professional deck offers higher quality video and audio playback, more accurate colour reproduction, and other advanced features that can be useful for professional video production and editing. At Media Transfer, unless a tape deck was never manufactured for the type of tape, we always use professional tape decks to play back your tapes.