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MiniDVDs empty? Maybe not…

If you’ve come across MiniDVDs that appear to be blank, then do not throw them away! Chances are you’ve simply not finalised the MiniDVD prior to removing it from your MiniDVD camcorder.

If you’ve since thrown the camera away, then we can recover the files for you. It’s incorporated into our transfer prices and costs just £10.95 per MiniDVD (this includes transfer to a full size DVD or MP4 files).

Top tips to prevent data loss and damage:

  1. If you don’t intend to add any more footage to your DVD, then make sure you finalise it straight away. This ‘closes’ the disc so it can be read by computers and other players. You’ll need to do this in the camcorder that recorded the disc originally as different cameras use different formats/processes for storing the footage.
  2. Always keep MiniDVDs stored in their cases. Even the smallest scratches can result in data loss.
  3. When handling MiniDVDs, make sure you don’t touch the shiny surface and only hold by touching the sides. Touching the shiny surface can result in oils from your fingers penetrating the disc or small scratches occurring.
  4. Be aware, some MiniDVDs are double sided so you’ll need be be carefully to not touch either side.
  5. Be careful before attempting to play them back in a full size DVD drive – Not all DVD drives are compatible with the smaller DVDs and they could jam inside.