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Video 2000 (V2000) TO DVD or MP4 TRANSFER SERVICE


V2000 Tapes to DVD, Blu-ray, or USB
Video 2000 tapes, was developed to compete with Betamax but, just like Betamax, it didn’t win the format war. We can repair most Video 2000 tapes FREE of charge.

We transfer your V2000 tapes using the highest-quality players which are regularly serviced to ensure optimum picture quality. A V2000 tape you may not be able to play at home may be perfectly playable – we are happy to check for you if you pop in and we will only charge for a successful conversion. We can even repair most Video 2000 tapes FREE of charge.

Prices start at just £11.99 per tape and reduce depending on the quantity you have. Scroll down for full price details, and to generate an instant quotation.

If your V2000 tape is under 5 minutes in length, then we only charge £5.99 for the conversion!

Placing an order
To place an order, visit our Gravesend office, drop your tapes in to one of our drop-off points (MaidstoneTonbridgeAshford, Folkestone, or Ramsgate), or post your tapes to Media Transfer, 56 Bath Street, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0DF. Return postage is FREE for orders of 15+ tapes. Otherwise, see our list of return postage costs here.

If you have 10+ tapes and live in the DA, ME, Kent TN, BR, and some RH postcode areas, we now offer free personal collection AND delivery of your tapes. Just give us a call on 01474 569 390 to arrange a collection.

Please call us on 01474 569 390 if you require more information on any of our services.

Video 2000 tape

Betamax tape history

V2000s are marginally larger than VHS cassettes—shorter, but thicker and deeper. They have two co-planar reels containing half-inch (12.5 mm) wide chromium dioxide magnetic tape. The format used only half (6.25 mm) of the half-inch tape on a given “side”, and so it is occasionally referred to erroneously as a quarter-inch tape format, despite its physical tape width. The cassette can then be flipped over to use the other half of the tape, thus doubling playing time.

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V2000 to DVD, Blu-ray, and USB prices

V2000 to DVD/Blu-ray/MP4

Up to 60 minutes of content
From £11.99per tape
  • Conversion to DVD, Blu-ray or MP4
  • Extra DVD/Blu-ray copies just £5.99
  • Includes DVD/Blu-ray and case or download link
  • Free V2000 tape repairs
  • Quantity discounts
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V2000 to DVD/Blu-ray/MP4

Over 60 minutes of content
From £14.99per tape
  • Conversion to DVD, Blu-ray or MP4
  • Extra DVD/Blu-ray copies just £5.99
  • Includes DVD/Blu-ray and case or download link
  • Free V2000 tape repairs
  • Quantity discounts
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Quantity discounts

Based on an up to 60 minute tape
From £8.99per tape
  • 2-4 tapes - £11.39 per tape (5% off)
  • 5-9 tapes - £10.79 per tape (10% off)
  • 10-19 tapes - £10.19 per tape (15% off)
  • 20-29 tapes - £9.59 per tape (20% off)
  • 30+ tapes - £8.99 per tape (25% off)
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Our service

Why people choose us

Safe Storage

We store your V2000 tapes securely at our premises at all times. They are immediately labelled and boxed.

High quality transfers

We are continually investing in the latest technologies available to get the best results from your V2000 tapes.

On-site transfers

We carry out ALL transfers onsite in our studio – Your V2000 tapes will NEVER leave to be transferred elsewhere.

Free repairs

We repair 99% of V2000 tapes completely free of charge, including tape breaks and tape mould.

Free collection and delivery

We offer FREE collection and delivery of 10+ tapes within Kent and some surrounding postcodes.


We offer secure payment via Credit/Debit card online or in our studio, cash payments, and bank transfers.

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