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Honey, I shrunk the video tapes!

Here’s a scenario with which you may be rather familiar…

Over time, a family accumulates a large library of videos and photographs that gradually occupies more and more shelf space in the living room cabinet. Every 6th Sunday, the father resolves to sort this physical collection of family footage once and for all… and then life gets in the way.

We were contacted by Michael, who had 42 camcorder tapes, 5 DVDs, an audio cassette, and 1 problem. That problem? To have his complete family archive (over 80 hours of video and 2,874 photographs) on a single device that was small, and easy to share.

Unfazed by Michael’s gigantic stack of familial material, Media Transfer’s Abbie set to work digitalising all of his family films and then converting the files to a format playable on any modern smart TV.

Abbie was soon in a position to hand Michael a brand-new USB drive with the fully converted collection of family archives – organised into year order – for his approval. Abbie immediately began duplicating the content onto 3 further USB drives… 1 for each of Michael’s children.

I couldn’t recommend Abbie and Media Transfer highly enough. She visited me at home to sort the video files into years and her attention to every detail, however small, shows in the final product.

Within 14 days, Michael’s intimidating pile of tapes and photographs had been reduced to 4 tiny USB drives. And his living room cabinet could now breathe a huge sigh of relief.

With plenty of room left on the USB drives, I hope my children will continue to add their memories to them in the future.

If you have a huge collection of tapes and want to reduce them down to fit on a USB drive, then contact us straight away