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Super 8mm now with sound!

Although finding 8mm cine film with sound is quite rare, we have invested in new equipment to enable us to digitally capture sound, in broadcast quality, from any Single 8mm or Super 8mm cine film with a magnetic soundtrack.

To see if your 8mm cine film has sound, simply look along the edge farthest from the sprocket holes – if your film has a thin magnetic strip down one or both sides, then it has sound.

Using broadcast-quality sound recording equipment, we can now give you the choice of retaining the original authentic sounds or newer digitally enhanced sound.

If you’d like a quote on transferring your cine film to DVD, visit our 8mm cine transfer page, give us a call on 01474 569 390, or fill in a form on our contact us page. There is no extra charge to capture sound from your films.