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If all looks lost… it probably isn’t!

Does your cine film collection look like this?

A customer brought in a box of Super8 cine film reels along with knotted strands of loose film not knowing what the contents were. We browsed through the collection with the customer in our studio, running the reels through one of our projectors and sorting the commercial films from childhood films.

Although we typically price ‘per cine’, in this case it was impossible and unfair to do so (owing to some 3-inch / 50-ft cine reels only containing about 10 ft of film). Instead, we priced the job based on approximate lengths and the work required to splice and clean each section of film.

We cleaned each cine reel and the loose pieces of film by hand, carefully splicing the short pieces of broken film together, and then transferred them to DVD. Surprisingly, despite the condition of some lengths of the film, only 3 inches (1 second) of cine film was left on the cutting room floor (on account of being too damaged to repair).

The result? A very satisfied customer with nearly an extra 10 minutes of footage to look through!

We don’t just repair cine films; we also repair torn VHS video tapes, Video8 tapes, and Betamax tapes. No matter how bad the state in which you think your film or tape is, 99 times out of 100 we can repair and transfer it. And we don’t charge for repairs!