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Your privacy matters

We are regularly asked about privacy. It is important you know exactly what happens when we process your videos and that you are reassured that we do everything in our power to keep your videos safe.

To help, we’re spent time re-writing our privacy policy in simple, easy-to-understand terms. You can read the policy in full by clicking the ‘Privacy Policy’ link at the bottom of every page, but we’ve summarised our policy below by answering 3 important questions you should ask any company transferring your tapes.

Are your staff DBS (formerly CRB) checked?

Yes. All staff (including our delivery staff) are DBS checked. No one will come into contact with your tapes or photographs, or work for us in any capacity unless he / she has an up-to-date DBS certificate. For more information, see the DBS website.

Who owns the copyright to my videos?

Simple: you do! Just because we have made a copy of your footage for you, this doesn’t take away the copyright from you. Neither does it transfer any rights to us. We will never keep a copy of your videos for longer than 14 days, unless you choose our cloud video service. Furthermore, we won’t use your videos in any advertising or promotional material.

Do you keep a copy of my videos?

Tape-to-DVD transfers – These do NOT require data storage on any of our computer systems. Once the tape-to-DVD transfer conversion has, therefore, taken place, you retain the only two copies of that tape – the original and the DVD conversion.

Tape-to-USB transfers – A copy of your transfers is stored on our computers while your tapes are being transferred. We also retain a copy for 14 days after handing over the transfers to you, unless you instruct us not to do so. This copy is temporarily kept on our system for quick retrieval in the event you detect any issues with your items while checking your transfers post-collection. This temporary retention policy saves us from having to recapture the video or saves you from having to deliver the video back to us. Any time a video is retained on our system, it is stored on an encrypted hard drive. For the techies out there, we use XTS-AES-128 encryption with a 256-bit key – Apple FileVault (2). For the non-techies, this means that your footage cannot be accessed by anyone without a very long password. Hard drives with video storage are not, in any way, connected to the internet. This prevents any unauthorised access. After 14 days, the files are deleted.