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8mm, 9.5mm, and 16mm film scanning upgrade

We’ve invested in a major upgrade of our film transfer equipment. We can now perform full 2K resolution film scanning suitable for broadcast, of 8mm9.5mm, and 16mm films.

This upgrade enables us to perform scans in near-real time, resulting in much shorter turnaround times (now down to 3-5 days in most cases). Furthermore, we can now capture a higher-quality scan suitable even for use in broadcast all the while keeping our prices competitively low.

It is important to know the difference between film scanning and lower-quality transfer methods…

Scanning involves taking a full high-resolution image of every single frame of your film. This results in a sharper image; better colour reproduction; no blurred frames; zero flicker; detailed whites and deeper blacks; and no fading towards the edges of the video where an uneven bulb is lighting it.

Lower-quality methods include filming a projector screen or pointing a MiniDV camera into the end of a projector (a poor telecine technique) – nearly all home-based services employ one of these two methods or a variation of the two.

Our new scanner is used by huge players in the film industry, such as the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood.

Take a look at our new showreel below: